Shared Care Prescribing for ADHD





A number of queries have been raised nationally regarding the management of patients who present at their general practice with a diagnosis of Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD), obtained from a private (non-NHS) specialist provider. 

This policy aims to explain what will be provided by the Practice with regard to prescribing and monitoring in relation to patients with a diagnosis of ADHD

Our aim is to ensure high quality service provision for all patients. 



The Kent and Medway Integrated Care Board (ICB) issued a position statement in August 2023, and confirmed that all patients who receive a private assessment or diagnosis for a condition that results in needing a prescription for ongoing medication will need to be referred into an NHS commissioned service for ongoing prescribing to continue within the NHS.

If a patient seeks assessment or diagnosis privately or through a provider acting in a private capacity (non-NHS) the GP is under no obligation to continue to prescribe treatment.

The practice’s own guidance on the transfer of services from private service to the NHS also supports this statement.


Prescribing, monitoring and follow-up after an ADHD diagnosis from a specialist provider

Participating in any shared care agreement is voluntary, subject to a GP’s self-assessment of personal competence, and requires the agreement of all parties. Shared care agreements with non-NHS funded providers are not approved in line with local guidance.

The Practice has agreed on a policy to support patients presenting with ADHD as follows:

  • Adults: by entering into a Shared Care Agreement with the Kent and Medway  Adult Autism and ADHD service (in conjunction with Psicon Ltd, Psychiatry UK and Sinclair-Strong Consultant Ltd), including monitoring of physical health and providing results of investigations or other medical records as required, and the prescribing of medications initiated by the service. The practice does not provide monitoring or ongoing prescribing for adults diagnosed by a private provider.
  • Children:  are referred on the NHS pathway to either Community Paediatrics, or CAMHS. The practice agrees to monitor physical health and provide results of investigations or other medical records as required by the NHS commissioned provider, and continue prescribing medications initiated on this pathway.

The practice does not provide monitoring or ongoing prescribing for children diagnosed by a private provider.